Step into Epicerie Bouf, where we're all about artisanal French products. We keep things simple, letting the essence of our ingredients do the talking. Our charcuterie game is on point, thanks to our passion and respect for traditional French techniques. We're on a mission to bring the French countryside straight to your Amsterdam table. Get ready to experience a little piece of France with every delicious bite. At Epicerie Bouf, we're all about celebrating traditions, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. 


    All products are chosen first and foremost for their quality and taste. There is no shortcut to quality. Bouf's partners achieve this through careful selections of raw ingredients, working with local and seasonal products and mastering techniques


    Beyond flavour, products are also selected for the story of the people behind them. French food is about sharing and caring this is why Bouf's supplier often have a long history of perpetuating tradition. They are all passionate about their craft and their products demonstrate the unique knowledge and skills they possess.


    Epicerie Bouf stands for the traditions of French cuisine. I personally select and import French culinary classics that are often difficult to find or generally unknown within Amsterdam. At Épicerie Bouf I am proud to promote the history and traditions of French charcuterie.