All orders can be placed via direct message on instagram @epicerie.bouf

What is Bouf about?

Simplicity at its best! At Epicerie bouf you will find the best French artisanal charcuterie. The quality of ingredients and the skills of artisans is at the heart of what I believe makes French food exceptional. Through this shop I am closing the gap between you and producers. You will find products from small farmers and charcutiers that I have gotten to know along my journey. They are chosen for their quality and passionate approach to their craft.


    All products are chosen first and foremost for their quality and taste. There is no shortcut to quality. Artisans I work with achieve this through careful selections of raw ingredients, working with local and seasonal products and mastering techniques


    Beyond flavour, products are also selected for the story of the people behind them. French food is about sharing and caring this is why I only work with producers that I have met myself. They are all passionate about their craft and with their products I am sharing a piece of their knowledge with you


    I am bringing French classics to Amsterdam that are difficult to find or not well known. At Épicerie Bouf I am proud to promote the history and traditions of French charcuterie.