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- 230g -

This beautiful red chorizo ​​is made in an entirely artisanal way and without any addition of nitrite salt. Embedded in a natural casing, this chorizo ​​is dried in the open air of the Lacaune mountains, known for ensuring the rapid and perfect drying of cured meats.

Mild in flavour but well marked by chili, it contains lean and fat from pork raised in Tarn and Aveyron, and among other spices paprika, chili, pepper, garlic and oregano: a seasoning which gives it character and personality, as well as an exceptional length in the mouth. 

Angled in shape like a traditional chorizo, tied with string at both ends, it is ready to hang in your kitchen, in a cool and relatively dark place. Cut into slices and enjoy as is, or cut into small pieces and fry

This product is made by Maison Montalet in Lacaune, a small village in the Tarn.

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    Product Description

    Shelf Life - 1 month upon arrival

    Packaging - Comes whole ready to be sliced at home

    Ingredients - Pork, salt, pepper, lactose, sugar, natural ferments, piment d'Espelette, garlic, oregano, paprika, natural casing

    Allergens: May contain traces of dairy

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