The producers

Here you will find some background information about all of Épicerie Bouf's partners. Explore the different terroirs France has and the characteristic that make them truly unique


La ferme Pleinfefage is the story of a small biological family farm that after generations decided to share their love and expertise with the rest of the world. What was for generations a small farm meant for the family & friends turned into an outstanding experts in the showcasing of the local terroir. Located in the heart of the Perigord Noir where the smell of truffles, foie gras & walnuts fill the air, this family puts tradition and respect of nature at the heart of their production. The farm focuses on the emblematic products of the local terroir, geese, ducks, truffles & walnuts. All their animals are raised outdoor, fed with the corn grown on the farm as to ensure a complete control on the quality of their products. For more than 20 years they la ferme Pleinefage has received multiple awards for their duck & walnuts. 

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La Maison Montalet, located in Lacaune, stands out with its unique terroir. Lacaune is a small village in the Tarn, nestled in a slight basin at an altitude of 800 meters. It's a perfect place that benefits from three different winds (Mediterranean, Pyrenees, and Atlantic). That's why they have chosen natural aging, playing around with the different winds coming into the drying rooms. It's a choice that values craftsmanship and taste. In addition to handcrafting charcuterie using natural casings, this naturally cool cellar, heated with wood during winter, perfectly reflects the traditional know-how. It's a true success for refining Montalet’s charcuterie, which embodies the distinct character of their terroir.


Maison Duculty has a long tradtion of charcuterie making. Since 1816 the family has made exceptional dried sausages relying on high quality pork meat from local farmers, but also an unchanged ancestral recipe. Located in the heart of the Pilat Natural Park in the Rhônes-Alpes, Duculty uses a natural drying, allowing all of the local terroir play its role in developing the unique flavours of their charcuterie. Today the company is owned by Gaëtan Duculty, the fifth generation to lead the family business.


Vidal Foie Gras is the result of an authentic process that follows centuries-old methods. Since 1999, Pascal Vidal has showcased the traditions and creativity of his local terroir. Situated in the heart of the Périgord Noir, a region renowned for its duck and goose production, Vidal Foie Gras has become synonymous with excellent quality, tradition and originality. The animals are locally sourced, as well as raised and fed following high quality standards. Since 2000 the Périgord foie gras has received and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) ensuring that all ducks are raised and prepared in the region.


Le Tuyé de Mésandans is a producer rooted in the traditions of the Franche-Comté. Since 1991 they have been working with local farmers to showcase their terroir with charcuterie, cured meats, and local dishes. They focus on carefully selected meat and a short supply chain. Multiple award winners, they also benefit from the IGP for their saucisse de Morteau and saucisse de Montbéliard. 


Maison Marc has been making cornichons in Bourgone since the 1950s. The farm was first started by Marc Jeannequin, producing cornichons for a local canning factory. Passed down to his son Florent in 1975, the farm started increasing production selling mainly to a large French industrial group. By the mid 2000s most industrial groups had moved their production abroad. Most French cornichons producers disappeared but Florent fought to keep this local tradition alive, selling his 'fresh' cornichons to middle men. In 2012 the third generation owner Henri Jeannequin inherited the farm and decided it was time to cut out the middlemen and instead take care of the production from start to finish. All cornichons are handpicked, pickled, and packaged at the farm which is located in Chemilly-sur-Yonne in Bourgone.