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Jambon de Lacaune IGP 24 Months

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- 120g -

This 24-month-aged ham is the result of a long process. Firstly the finest hams are selected from local pigs raised on straw by three breeders from Aveyron and Tarn with whom Charcuterie Millas works hand in hand. The hams are salted with sea salt for several days. The hams are then transferred to the drying rooms where it becomes coloured, goes from pink to red and becomes firmer.

At the 7th month, it is greased with pork fat and rice flour so that it develops its flavours and dries evenly. It will then spend a further 17 months in its natural dryer in the open air. This ham is firm when sliced ​​and melts in the mouth with a long nutty flavour..

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    Product Description

    Shelf Life - 3 weeks, 2-3 days after opening

    Packaging - Comes sliced & vacuumed packed

    Ingredients - Pork, salt, potassium nitrate

    Allergens: None

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