What is Bouf about?

Épicerie Bouf is born out of my love for artisanal French cuisine. Simplicity in its purest form with no frills. We are bringing a little piece of the French countryside to the tables of Amsterdam. With more-and-more distance between farmers and consumers, Épicerie Bouf ensures that the skill, knowledge and passion for quality from small producers is given the respect it deserves.

Forget the fine dining experience, white table cloths, and expensive wines. The soul of French cooking lies in the quality of the ingredients and the pure enjoyment of their simplicity. At Épicerie Bouf it is all about simple products done exceptionally well. Charcutiers mastering the art of pâtés, afiineurs perfecting meat curing, farmers putting all their love in their animals. I want to showcase the work of artisans that is often overlooked. In cities we tend to forget the hard work, knowledge and skills of artisans who produce the product that ends up on our plates. Each product here comes with its own story, an idea that makes it exceptional. 

At Épicerie Bouf you will find products of the highest quality. Each piece is carefully selected from artisans that I have visited myself. During these visits the utmost care was taken to select their finest products. There is no shortcut to quality, all the charcutiers and farmers work with selected meat that is locally produced, 100% French. Animals are raised with the highest degree of passion, love and respect. Attention is paid to giving animals the appropriate indoor space during the winter, while ensuring they have unrestricted grazing space in the spring and summer months.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, looking forward to taking all of you on my journey.