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This delicate coppa is made in an entirely artisanal way and without any addition of nitrites by Maison Montalet, a charcutier recognised by the Culinary College of France.
Encased in a natural casing, this coppa is dried in open air of the Lacaune mountains for 12 to 16 weeks. The cool mountain air provides the ideal climate for the curing of meat. This coppa is made from the pork’s neck, sourced from farmers in Tarn and Aveyron. The cut has a beautiful marble that will melt in your mouth.
This product is made by Maison Montalet in Lacaune, a small village in the Tarn.

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    Product Description

    Shelf Life - 3 weeks, 2-3 days after opening

    Packaging - Comes sliced & vacuumed packed

    Ingredients - Pork, salt

    Allergens: None

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    - Delivery only possible in Amsterdam & Amstelveen

    - If ordered before 17:00, next day delivery available

    - Free delivery for all orders above 50€