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Duck Rillettes

- 150g -

-This duck rillettes is made by slowly cooking salted duck meat over low heat until very tender. The meat is then pulled into shreds with the cooking fat to form a delicious rustic paste. Throw it on a piece of toasted bread and feel it melt on your tongue. 

This product is made by Vidal Foie Gras

Vidal Foie Gras is the result of an authentic process that follows centuries-old methods. Since 1999, Pascal Vidal has showcased the traditions and creativity of his local terroir. Situated in the heart of the Perigord Noir, a region renowned for its duck and goose production, Vidal Foie Gras has become synonymous with excellent quality, tradition and originality. The animals are locally sourced, as well as raised and fed following high quality standards. Since 2000 the Perigord foie gras has received and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) ensuring that all ducks are raised and prepared in the region.